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Subject: We accuse the current leadership of the Tudeh Party of Iran of usurpation, opportunism and apostasy.

Dear comrades

We are a group of members and supporters of the Tudeh Party of Iran who deeply believe that Comrade Nouredin Kianouari's report, under his leadership with the firm approval of the fraternal parties in Leipzig, became the basis for the 16th Plenum of the party in March 1978 and the 17th Plenum of the party in April 1981. The approval at these two plenums shows that on the eve of and after the victory of the Great Islamic - anti-imperialist revolution of Iran, the principles of Marxism-Leninism were innovatively integrated with specific objective conditions.

It should be emphasized that at the same time a report was presented by the bourgeois liberal tendency within the party led by Iraj Eskandari which was categorically rejected by the fraternal parties

From 1978 to the end of 1982, the Tudeh Party of Iran rendered valuable contributions to deepen the achievements of revolution by consistently implementing anti-imperialist and justice-seeking policies. These were in alliance with the anti-imperialist line of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini. These services would unquestionably arouse the animosity of the influential bourgeois agents and spies who had slithered into the institutions formed after the glorious Iranian revolution. We believe that the first blow to the "Tudeh Party of Iran" was not the beginning of the attack on the revolutionary forces, but the assassination and massacre of approximately 17,000 members of the revolutionary forces of the newborn government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. These bloody crimes were carried out by the bourgeoisie who crawled into the power structure with direct help from imperialist spies in cooperation with the CIA, Mossad and the leadership of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MEK).


We believe that the attack on the revolutionary leaders of the Islamic Republic as well as the revolutionary leadership of the party was the beginning of the global imperialist aggression towards the workers and the oppressed nations of the world. This was designed to defeat the Islamic Revolution by eliminating the Muslim revolutionaries and Marxist - Leninist leaders of the Tudeh Party of Iran. Unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that the original leadership of the Tudeh Party of Iran was confiscated by opportunists after this brutal attack. The opportunists gradually purged the remaining Marxist-Leninist members in the party’s leadership. Therefore, even prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Tudeh Party of Iran was destroyed and could no longer be considered a Marxist-Leninist party under such an opportunist leadership.


In the absence of the original experienced and revolutionary leadership of the party, the expatriate opportunists used their rejected (bourgeois-liberal) report of Iraj Eskandari as guidance for and as a basis of the 18th Plenum. This was the turning point away from the anti-imperialist policy of the 16th and 17th Plenum of the Party. The thirty-eight-year history of this corrupt leadership shows the complete rejection of the key principles of Marxism-Leninism, the struggle against imperialism and is now in major contradiction to the original aims of National Democratic Revolution. We also believe that their phony Marxism, with opportunist rhetoric, is a ploy to deceive and create disunity amongst supporters of the Tudeh Party of Iran. Also, their national chauvinistic position is an attempt to create disunity amongst anti-imperialist forces in the region. Ayatollah Khamenei himself was one of the major targets on the imperialist assassination hit list, fortunately he survived. Later, the founder of the Islamic Republic indirectly portrayed him as an appropriate successor. It was a very worthy choice and proved to be the main reason why imperialists have failed so far, to sink the ship of the Iranian revolution. Following the naturally escalating conflict with imperialism and the rising internal class struggle which followed the Iranian Revolution, the revolutionary forces under his leadership were able to organize a powerful front known as the Axis of Resistance against imperialism.

The Axis guaranteed the survival of the revolution, the nation, and the country of Iran. All revolutions and anti-imperialist countries around the world, from Asia to Africa, and to Latin America, have repeatedly affirmed this fact through their leaders. The revolutionary leader of Iran is attempting to avoid any polarization of the Iranian society by implementing a long-term plan. In order to transform the structure of the neoliberal economy he is using a non-violent approach patiently pushing back the neoliberal, bureaucratic and corrupt bourgeoisie. He supports and empowers the national industrial bourgeoisie and is replacing the corrupt neoliberals with the revolutionary forces who resist imperialism and neoliberal economic plasms. Today, under his leadership the revolutionary forces, led by Quds corps are the flag bearers of the anti-imperialist struggle in the region and they have sacrificed their best forces for the sake of the Iranian people and the oppressed people of the region, as well as the world. The cowardly assassination of General Qassem Soleimani, known as the “Che Guevara of the middle east, under the direct order of the corrupt and filthy president of the United State, showed the impotence and failure of imperialism to the peoples of the world. After this crime, the world witnessed and was captivated by the greatest funeral ceremony ever, which was held in honor of this deceased hero.An alliance with the most progressive revolutionary forces in the region, such as Hashad al-Shaabi Of Iraq, Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas, Yemeni fighters and progressive governments such as Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, the Democratic Republic of Korea, China, Russia, etc. and the full support of the axis of resistance has always been the top priority of Foreign policy for the leader of Iran.   As Lenin says

“There is one, and only one, kind of real internationalism, and that is a selfless effort to spread the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary struggle in one's own country and to support the same struggle and the same policy around the world."

 Dear Comrades, "Opportunism is not an accident, it is not a sin, it is not a slip, it is not even a deliberate betrayal, it is the result of following the popularist lure in an imperialist era of short termism”(Proletarian revolution and renegade Kautsky). Opportunism cannot be overshadowed by Marxist rhetoric. The present age is the age of the struggle against imperialism, the greatest enemy of humanity. The emergence of leaders such as Khrushchev, Garbachev, and the usurping leaders of the Tudeh Party of Iran is the inevitable result of this historical age. It is not unreasonable when Lenin says. "The struggle against imperialism will not succeed without the struggle against revisionism.” The corrupt performance of this apostate leadership is precisely aimed at the democratic alliance of the anti-imperialist movement of the Iranian people and the people of the region. Despite the obvious and aggressive strategic goals of the imperialists to invade the region and to occupy, disintegrate, murder, loot and kill, these apostate leaders describe the revolutionary and necessary actions of the Islamic Republics’ leadership in defending the region and helping the deprived in the region as "adventurous". By demanding that people exclude ayatollah Khamenei as tyrannical leader, this apostate leadership is trying to hide the bloody hands of imperialism with chauvinism, opportunism and bourgeois-liberal democracy. "The revisionists are the biggest splitters in the labor movement” (Lenin).By using the name of the Tudeh Party of Iran and confiscating its glorious history, this apostate leadership has not only caused divisions  in the communist movement in Iran, but has also tried to deceive our sister parties in Afghanistan and other countries into promoting revisionist ideas among them.

 The actual performance of this corrupt group, under the stolen name of party of the New Type of Working Class (Tudeh Party of Iran) has led many other groups, which once considered themselves Marxist-Leninists to ignore anti-imperialist values. As a result of abandoning the ideology of Marxism-Leninism it has led to unreasonable, absurd and aimless divisions. Such groups, under the banner of “democracy and fight against tyranny” compete against one another and fall into the trap of imperialist conspiracy.The last 38 years proves that this leadership is irreparable. This renegade leadership goes against real Marxist Leninist ideology. In Lenin's words, "it is foolish to think that opportunism is still an internal phenomenon today, there will be no unity with opportunism…Such opportunism means dividing the international proletariat." Based on Lenin's firm belief in this statement, in order to fight opportunism, we must identify these self-proclaimed leaders of the party” as being the core of opportunism and as parasites of ideological influence of imperialism in the Iranian working class movement. Dear comrades, we are neither a party nor do we have the intention to call ourselves one.

Our main goal is to fight relentlessly against corrupt opportunism. We believe that by exposing this opportunism, the road will certainly be paved for forces who are honest, capable, wise, and aware of the principles of Marxism-Leninism. The conditions will lead the way for the creation of a strong party which strengthens united fronts nationally, regional and internationally. As a small part of the Communist International movement, we will join the sea of ​​global anti-imperialist democratic alliances, from the axis of resistance in the Middle East to the Far East, to Africa and Latin America. It is on this basis that today, we continue to insist on the conformity of the analytical principles of the 16th and 17th plenums of the Tudeh Party of Iran, led by Comrade Kianuri, and consider Ayatollah Khamenei, the leader of Iran and the Quds Force, and hold this to be the flagship and center of gravity of the anti-imperialist struggle in the region and beyond. 

. Supporting the axis of resistance and its leadership is the duty of every true communist

We " I have spoken and saved my soul" (Karl Marx; Critique of Gouta Program) 

"Destiny will guide forward those who are willing and drag down they who do not wish to move." (Lenin)

 Peik e Khavar March 8, 2021



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